Toddler Program

18 months through 3 years

The Montessori Toddler program provides children eighteen months to three-years-old with experiences that support the development of their confidence and independence.

This sensitive period of the child’s life has many physical and emotional needs that can be met in a uniquely prepared toddler environment. The environment for the toddlers is very nurturing and calm community as these children are often experiencing their first interactions with other children. A qualified Montessori teacher directs each class to offer the tenderness, warmth, and patience so essential to this age. The space is beautifully designed to appeal to the child’s curiosity. The materials in the room continue to change as the child grows emotionally, physically, and intellectually. An emphasis on the importance of a peaceful environment, with necessary nurturing and caring, is characteristic of this program. Learn more about our toddler programs.

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